About us

We Technosys are established in the year 2000 with our core competency as Testing & Commissioning in Electrical field and later diversified our expertise in various activities of Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering in different Industries viz Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Transportation etc.


To achieve our objectives in an environment of Fairness, Honesty and Courtesy towards our Clients.


Technosys shall be a renowned benchmark for engineering innovation and solutions provider and preferred partner, through creation of high values for Customers.


We at Technosys intends to achieve total customer satisfaction by being a service minded partner, who delivers defect free quality service always and on time.

All employees will direct their action and energy towards identifying and meeting customer requirements with emphasis on continual improvement which is the base and key for our future growth and success.


We Technosys believes that the Safety and Health of our Employees and safe working environment are fundamental to our operations. We will ensure this by providing and maintaining safe working conditions, continuous education and training.

The Management of Technosys duly recognizing its responsibility towards its employees and other personnel working at its committed to:

Ensure that all employees/personnel have a safe and healthy place to work and that the surrounding environment shall not be adversely affected by work activities.

Continual improvement in prevention of accidents, particularly those involving personal health or injury, through improvisation in process, where permissible, to avoid hardship and suffering.

Promote and maintain safety in the operation and maintenance of all plant and equipment .it is emphasized to prove facilities in the formation of manufacturing processes, and in the safekeeping, including transportation, of all substance, right from design and construction stage towards safety.

Inculcate in all employees a sense of personal responsibility in preventing injury to themselves, their fellow workers and the public in general and to report to their immediate supervisor any hazard which they themselves cannot eliminate.

Comply with all statutory, regulatory & other applicable requirements related to occupational Health & safety.